Never Satisfied

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Never Satisfied

Complacency is an insidious killer.  Complacency means becoming satisfied with the status quo.  Complacency causes us to lose our critical eye and to presume that there is no longer a need to continue to strive for improvement.  Those who allow themselves to become complacent allow blind spots to develop and set themselves up for failure.

In our personal lives, complacency breeds stagnation.  In the business world, complacency leads to loss of market share.  In the wilderness, complacency could easily lead to serious injury or death.  In military operations, complacency leads to blue force losses and mission failure.

True warriors know that you’re only as good as your last battle.  Yesterday’s victories will not carry you through today.  There’s always another battle to fight, another mountain to climb, another challenge to face.  In our family and social circles, we can continually improve our relationships.  In our work, we can continually improve our products or service.  We owe it to ourselves, our families, our customers, and our society to always be improving.

At DEFIANT, we cultivate a culture of dissatisfaction, always striving for improvement and innovation.  Our genesis as a brand new startup in the outdoor equipment industry was driven by dissatisfaction with the products currently on the market and the approach that most gear manufacturers take toward product development.  We constantly see problems that are being ignored rather than being solved.  To that end, we’re currently in the final stages of prototype development of our first products.

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