Out of the Comfort Zone

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Out of the Comfort Zone

Perhaps we’ve become victims of our own success.  Our society increasingly views comfort as the ultimate achievement.  Most people, it seems, go to great lengths to avoid discomfort.  But the more we seek comfort, the more isolated we become, and the less prepared we are to deal with life’s challenges.

But there are exceptions.  A few people still willingly share the burdens of their neighbors.  A few still venture into the unknown and contend with nature.  A few remember the value of embracing the challenges of life.  These few find that, in the process of leaving their comfort zone and embracing difficulty, they become more than they were.  They become stronger mentally and physically.  Their character becomes stronger and their skills increase.  They find that they are better able to adapt to complex environments.  They become more adept at handling stressful situations, and they have a greater capacity to help others.

We can choose to remain in our comfort zone and avoid difficulty and allow our personal growth to stagnate.  Or we can decide to step out of our comfort zone into the wild—into an environment that brings new challenges and new adventures.  As a result of contending with new problems, we will begin to grow.

Trying new things comes with the risk of failure.  But failure is not final.  The more we try and fail and learn from our failures, the better we will become.  The more we practice the discipline of stepping out of our comfort zone, the better equipped we’ll be to handle stressful and unpredictable situations, and the more we will be able to assist others.

Some people face hardship as a matter of choice.  If you’re one of those people, then we’d like to be your outdoor equipment provider.

The comfort zone is just a place to catch your breath between battles.  Step out and embrace life’s challenges.  You’ll be surprised at what you can become.