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Whether you’re planning a hunting trip, a military mission, or a backpacking adventure, you need to sweat the small stuff, because the success of any mission rides on the details.   Catastrophes generally occur because a group of people get apathetic about The Details.   If you want to produce quality results, you must pay meticulous attention to the details.

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Complacency is an insidious killer.   In the wilderness, complacency could easily lead to serious injury or death.  In military operations, complacency leads to blue force losses and mission failure.   True warriors know that you’re only as good as your last battle.  Yesterday’s victories will not carry you through today.  There’s always another battle to fight, another mountain to climb, another challenge to face.

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The “O-Level,” or Operator-Level, is the lowest level in the production-to-use track of a product.  The O-Level is the user level at which the product is deployed in it’s intended capacity.  Unfortunately, some products on the market are produced with little, if any, O-level input.  The result of this design/production practice is products that look fashionable but have severe practical flaws.  Operators should have no tolerance for products that are produced with this substandard design philosophy.

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