What it Means to Live Defiant

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What it Means to Live Defiant

Our friends over at Dictionary.com define defiance as “a daring or bold resistance to… any opposing force” or “a challenge to meet in combat.”

To us, being defiant means that we don’t run from conflict.  We don’t dodge the struggle that is an integral part of pursuing something worthwhile.  In fact, we embrace it!

To be defiant means that we don’t let anything stand in our way.  We are not intimidated by circumstances.  We do not let our environment hinder us from achieving our goals, accomplishing our mission, or becoming what we want to become.

To be defiant means that we are willing to stand against opposing forces.  It means we are willing to fight through adversity and come out stronger.  And it means that, when things get tough, we are willing to forge ahead anyway.

We are continually seeking others to walk this path with us.  We invite you to stand with us and live defiant!

Photo Credit:  Wolfgang Staudt