Magazine Holder

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The DEFIANT magazine holder was made to be paired with our pistol holster and designed to work in conjunction with our Messenger Bag or Sling Pack.

Our magazine holder allows you to carry a backup magazine at your fingertips for a ready reload without having to wear your backup pistol magazine on your belt.

Made of MIL-SPEC webbing, the Defiant magazine holder adjusts to securely hold almost any pistol magazine.  The hook backing enables you to securely store your spare magazine in an easily accessible position in your DEFIANT Messenger Bag or Sling Pack.  You can also attach it to the interior sides or to the lining of the exterior pockets of the DEFIANT Backpack for convenient carry, but this would not facilitate rapid reloads.

Can also be used to hold folding knives or multi-tools.

Keep your readiness posture high, and never get caught without the ammunition you need.

Magazine not included.  Pistol Holster is shown for illustration purposes and is sold separately.

As always, check your local concealed weapon carry laws before employing this product.