About Us

Our Mission

To accelerate mission accomplishment by equipping our tribe members with ingeniously designed gear and fieldcraft knowledge that enables them to move faster, travel farther, and climb higher.

Our Vision

Enable our customers to move faster, travel farther, and climb higher

Provide mission gear that is ergonomic, practical, and absolutely reliable

Promote physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing

Foster a spirit of adventure and exploration

Innovate, and advance the state of the art

Encourage our tribe to stand strong in the face of adversity

Stand with those who walk the path of honor

Help those we find along the way and leave a legacy for those that follow

Defy the elements.  Defy the odds.  Defy the status quo.

Our Standards

The highest quality products.  Period.

Customers first.

Integrity in all our dealings.

No gimmicks.  No bullshit.  No compromise.

Form, function, and fit, seamlessly blended in a harmonious design.

Products built around the human frame as a first principle, in order to promote physical health rather than degrade it.

Work as if our life depends on it, because the lives of our customers may depend on the equipment we provide.

Cultivate a culture of dissatisfaction, always striving for improvement and innovation.

Our Story

DEFIANT is a new phase of the quest for carry gear that is practical, functional, and ergonomic.  After years of searching for such equipment and being continually disappointed, we decided to build our own.  Our vision has been shaped by decades of military experience, travel, and outdoor exploration.

Whether you are a hiker, hunter, backpacker, military member, or free-spirited traveller, our goal is to provide you with mission gear that is ergonomic, practical, and absolutely reliable.  We build products that will amplify your performance and enable you to move faster, travel farther, and climb higher as you embark on your own journey.  We’re here to help you get the most out of your adventure and accomplish your mission more efficiently.