Your Story

You are an adventurer.

You recognize the benefit of challenging yourself, of pushing your limits, of pursuing Life.

You are Defiant.

You look at physical challenges as an opportunity.  In the process of pushing your physical limits, you are sharpening your mind and building your character.

The problem is that most carry gear today is characterized by poor ergonomics.  Most of the gear on the market is promoted by gimmicky features that serve little practical function.  And the gear that is actually “purpose built” is designed around the cargo it will hold rather than the human frame.  Most backpacks, especially those used for carrying heavy gear, promote poor posture and therefore, are damaging to the joints.  So while you’re pushing your physical limits, your muscles may be getting stronger, but your joints are deteriorating.

That’s where we come in.  DEFIANT is a veteran-owned small business that is dedicated to making gear that is practical and helps you accomplish your mission without destroying your joints.  We want you to get the full benefit of your adventure, so that you come through with a healthier body, sharper mind, and stronger character.  (Please read our disclaimer to ensure you understand the intent and limits of our products.)

We're committed to helping you accomplish your mission.  Our products are built to our exacting standards and of course, they are made here in the United States.
Whatever challenges you are facing on your quest, we're proud to stand defiant alongside you.