The name seemed to fit.  After decades of dissatisfaction with the status quo, we decided to create our own gear that helped its wearers perform at a higher level.  No more excuses for products that were poorly designed and poorly executed.  No more shoulder shrugs when someone asks why there is such a complacent attitude toward product development. 

For Those Who Dare

Some people take an adventurous approach to life.  They don't accept that things have to stay the way they are.  They dare to face challenges.  Dare to own problems.  They dare to dream of a better life, and they summon the grit and determination to pursue that dream.  They stand defiant against the obstacles that rise against them.

Those are the people we seek to serve.

The Spear

The spear has played a major role in the evolution of every culture.  Long the symbol of defiance, the picture of the warrior with his spear calls to mind the spirit of the guardian.  The one who braves the elements, wild animals, and enemies to protect and provide for the tribe.

This defiant warrior spirit transcends time, culture, and geography.  We chose the spear head to symbolize both our mindset and the adventurous spirit of those we seek to serve.

Society will always need those who are willing to brave the elements, defy the odds, and challenge the status quo in search of a better life.

DEFIANT Spear Head Logo

The Mission

You are our mission.  We recognize that our success is predicated on yours.  We are not successful unless you are successful.  Whether you are a hunter searching for elusive game, a backpacker seeking to conquer the wilderness, or a military member operating in advance of the forward line of troops, we're here to help you move faster, travel farther, and climb higher.

We want to be part of your adventure, and we're proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with those who are willing to rise to whatever challenges life has set before them.

Upward and onward!

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