Pistol Holster

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Those who need to carry weapons frequently find themselves in the dilemma of off-body versus on-body carry.  Carrying a weapon on the body usually offers fast access to the weapon.  But it can also be uncomfortable or obvious.  It can also interfere with carry gear.  Wearing a pistol at the small of the back or even on the hip might interfere with a wearing a backpack or slinging a messenger bag over your shoulder.

Conversely, carrying your weapon in a bag or pack sort of defeats the purpose if you have to take off your pack and rummage through your gear to find your weapon--which defeats the purpose of carrying a weapon.

Enter DEFIANT carry systems.  Our pistol holster is designed to work in conjunction with our messenger bag and sling pack—both of which are specifically designed to offer people the option of carrying weapons off-body in a way that permits rapid weapon presentation.

The DEFIANT pistol holster is made from MIL-SPEC webbing and adjusts to securely hold almost any standard-sized pistol.  The hook backing enables you to attach your pistol in a readily accessible position in your DEFIANT Messenger Bag, or Sling Pack.

Eliminate the dilemma of on- or off-body carry.  Keep your readiness posture high, and never be without your pistol when you need it.

Pistol not included.

Check your local concealed weapon carry laws before employing this product.