Investing in Primitive Technology

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Investing in Primitive Technology

There is no question that technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace.  Technology is essentially the ability to build more powerful and more efficient tools.  Because of the incredible potential that technology presents to us, there is significant opportunity to invest in modern technology.

Some people view technology with a  skeptical eye, fearful of its power being used in detrimental ways.  Others view technology optimistically and believe its promise of a better future.  Regardless of its potential for good, there is a danger that technology will lull us into a sense of complacency.

While technology gives us increasingly more powerful tools, it comes with its own inherent set of limitations.  It doesn’t provide the ability to change human nature, nor does it come with a pre-packaged ethical framework that guides its use.  An over reliance on technology is liable to leave us weaker, duller, and less capable than we were before.

An over reliance on communication tools makes us poorer communicators.  An over reliance on medical technology makes us less healthy.  An over reliance on robotics makes us less able to form meaningful relationships.  An over reliance on artificial intelligence will make us less wise.

Life has a way of presenting challenges that rise to the level of our capacity to deal with them, technology notwithstanding.  No matter how powerful our technology, we will always need to tap into the depths of our human potential to overcome some new challenge.  Yet it seems that in our pursuit of technology, we are neglecting the most sophisticated technology of all—the incredible human body and mind.  Primal and ancient, our bodies and minds possess a technology far more intricate and powerful than anything we have ever devised.  Humans are engineered to be creators.  We are builders and innovators and problem solvers.  No matter how impressive our toolbox gets, we will never outgrow the need for the most primitive, most powerful technology we possess.

While there’s nothing wrong with using technology appropriately and responsibly, there’s a richness of experience that comes with exerting yourself mentally and physically in pursuit of a worthy endeavor.

Develop your primal side.  Get outdoors.  Put your body under some stress.  Broaden your mind by exploring new areas and situations.  Such things build resilience and capability and depth of character.

Take advantage of the autumn and start investing in the primitive technology that is our greatest resource.  The wilderness offers us a chance to challenge ourselves physically and mentally—a chance to build our character and renew our spirit.  Venture into the wild.  We’ll see you out there.