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We can choose to remain in our comfort zone and avoid difficulty and allow our personal growth to stagnate.  Or we can decide to step out of our comfort zone into the wild—into an environment that brings new challenges and new adventures.

Trying new things comes with the risk of failure.  But failure is not final.  The more we try and fail and learn from our failures, the better we will become.  The more we practice the discipline of stepping out of our comfort zone, the better equipped we’ll be to handle stressful and unpredictable situations, and the more we will be able to assist others.

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The weather can be our enemy, or, with a little education and planning, we can live in harmony with our environment.  Take some time to familiarize yourself with the weather patterns in the area you’re planning to explore.  Don’t take foolish and unnecessary risks by failing to take simple precautions.  Know the risks, plan ahead, and thrive in the wild! 

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An expedition is more than just a trip from one place to another.  It’s an odyssey into the wild.  There’s no infrastructure to support your endeavor.  It’s just you and what you bring with you.  You pack in your own equipment.  You move into a hostile environment, and you sustain yourself until the mission is accomplished.  You fight your way in, and you fight your way out.

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We only grow when we step out of our comfort zone, expand our boundaries, and push our limits.  The comfort zone is simply a place to catch your breath between battles.

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To us, being defiant means that we don’t run from conflict.  To be defiant means that we are willing to stand against opposing forces.  It means we are willing to fight through adversity and come out stronger.  And it means that, when things get tough, we are willing to forge ahead anyway.

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