Vul Time

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Vul Time

One mission that fighter pilots routinely practice is combat air patrol.  When the crews are getting ready to “man the CAP,” they plan out every element of their mission in exacting detail.  When mission planning is complete, the crew members thoroughly brief the mission so that everyone knows his or her role in the fight.  Then it’s go time.  They launch and prepare to maintain a blocking position, defending critical assets from adversary fighters.

At the assigned time, the fighters leave the marshal stack and move into their assigned zone which they must keep clear of enemy aircraft.  The assigned time window during which the flight must maintain the CAP and defend its zone is referred to as its vulnerability time or “vul time” for short.

Vul time is the point of maximum exposure and danger.  Vul time is when the risk is greatest.  Fighter pilots are willing to accept the risk and face the danger in order to defend their comrades.  They navigate the danger by extensive planning, preparation, and training.

What is your Vul Time?  Is it an elk hunting trip?  Hiking the Appalachian Trail?   Spending a weekend backpacking in the wilderness?  Or is it a no-fail, military mission?  Whatever it is, if it is a worthwhile endeavor, then it is worth planning, and preparing, and training to get ready for it.

At DEFIANT, we build products for those who dare.  For those who are willing to sacrifice in order to obtain a greater good.  For those who do not shy away from risk when there is something to be gained from the endeavor.  For those who face their vul time with astute courage.

We support those who defy the odds and the elements in order to accomplish something worthwhile.  If you’re one of those people, then we’re proud to stand with you.

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